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Also sometimes referred to as the silverbacked jackal, which is a more descriptive name, this very handsome fox like animal is silvery grey on the back with a narrow horizontal black strip along the flanks separating the darker coloring of the back from the sand buff of the under parts ...
This very beautiful monkey is fairly large in size and so distinctive in its marking that it is easily recognizable. The jet black of the head, back, limbs, underpants, and upper portion of the tail contrasts sharply with the long flowing cloak of silky white hair which hangs down on either flank, the large tuft of similar white hair on the tail, and the white beard framing the black face. ...
The largest and perhaps the most graceful of the gazelles, Grant's Gazelle differs from others found in Ethiopia both in its size [80-10cm.at the shoulder] and in the considerably longer and stouter horns of the male, which rise up wards and slightly out wards, then curve gently forwards and in wards at the tips,...
The hamadryas is larger than the common Anubis baboon and more grayish in color, the males displaying a profuse mane or mantle of pale grey hair which is very distinctive. The buttocks are bight red and the front of the face pale pink. ...
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