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Most Ethiopianists trace the history of modern Ethiopia to the arrival of the Sabaeans. Only a few historians insist on the link of modern Ethiopia to pre-Sabaean original Cush people. Such is the link to the D'mt kingdom. ...
The first verifiable kingdom of great power to rise in Ethiopia was that of Axum in the first century AD. It was one of many successor kingdoms to D'mt and was able to unite the northern Ethiopian plateau beginning around the first century BC. ...
The first reference to Ethiopia in the Bible appears in the early chapters of Genesis. Significant to note that what is known to be the Old Testament to the Christians constitute the Hebrew Scriptures written in the languages of the Hebrew (Jews) - Aramaic and Hebrew....
This era was, on one hand, a religious conflict between settling Muslims and traditional Christians, between nationalities they represented, and on the other hand between feudal lords on power over the central government....
Emperor Tewodros II was born Lij Kassa in Qwara, in 1818. His father was a small local chief, and his relative (possible uncle) Dejazmach Kinfu was governor of the provinces of Dembiya, Qwara and Chelga between Lake Tana and the northwestern frontier....
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