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Yeha Hotel Three Stars   From $30
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Yeha hotel is located in Axum, a more ancient capital of the country from where the legendary Queen of Sheba and her descendants ruled the interior and directed international commerce over land, the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean for two millennia until the tenth century AD.

This city of ancient statues and stelae is also venerated as a spiritual centre of Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity, which had taken firm roots in the country by the fourth century. As Ethiopian lore has it, the church of St. Mary of Zion in Axum houses the Ark of the Covenant, said to have been removed from King Solomons Temple in Jerusalem by Minilik I, son of Queen Sheba.

Yeha Hotel has impressive views over looking the stelae and the Queen of Shebas bathing place. The total area of the hotels compound is 20,131 sq. meters.

Yeha hotel offers 3 suites and 60 twin bedded rooms furnished with items of traditional and historical motifs. All rooms also offer other amenities such as::

  • Baths & Showers
  • Satellite TV
  • Telephones

Guests can enjoy hotel facilities such as the:

  • Restaurant with 157 seats (dining style)
  • Bar with 153 seats
  • Telephone, fax, television with satellite dish services
  • Well-equipped laundry
  • Offices and stores
  • Shops
  • Beautiful garden
  • Guest Parking


  • Axum
  • 1024 km north of Addis Ababa
  • Very good all weather road
  • Newly upgraded airport

Contact Address:
Yeha Hotel - Axum
Tel. +251 347 752377 
            +251 347 752378 
Fax. +251 347 752382
email: ghion@ethionet.et


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